Hi, my name is Nate, and welcome to Chess Maui,  the best local place to play the game. 

I find that chess is more than just the greatest game over the board—it is a way of life & learning. I believe that if every child had an opportunity to learn the game of chess, they would grow up to be a better human, better problem-solver, a better strategic person at winning the game of life.

I hope to accomplish that mission and represent that belief in a small way by bringing this great game to the youth and young adults on my home island of Maui. And so this is a website dedicated to help network and connect the youth, young adults, and vibrant communities of Maui to the life-changing strategy and game of Chess.

I offer

  • 1-on-1 coaching for youth and adults
  • Weekly meetups and classes
  • Weekend workshops (only 8 spots left!)
  • Local tournaments of different kinds including for all ages, for youths & women only

1-on-1 coaching for youth and adults

This is the service for those that have found their passion for the great game of Chess. For all ages, especially youth, those who desire to further their study and become better in their own game and skill of Chess, this program can be of true benefit. Designed for all ages and skill types under (ELO 1500).

In an hour session, we will be covering puzzles, tactical and strategic lessons, philosophies of how to analyze the game, 1-on-1 games and post-game analysis.

$75 (sliding scale for families on a budget) meet up at the local upcountry park, or in-office.

Weekend Workshops

Two days (3) hours with 30 min lunch break.

In-depth strategies, puzzles, games, rapid/blitz tournament.

Local Tournament

Max 16 players, $25 dollar entry fee.

Min. 4 games, 

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